Saturday, March 5, 2022

African American Wedding Coordinator, WLoft Venue, Brooklyn NY - #tohaveandtovirgo

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Brittany and Anthony's love story was so inspiring; been together for over 10 years and finally decided to continue into forever together.
She was a DIY bride who had a vision of what she wanted her day to be like and she only needed someone to help her achieve a seamless special day which was exactly what we did.


                                                                                        Enjoying that Brooklyn View

Brittany wanted to do everything differently because SHE is different which was evidence in everything that happened on their wedding day

Her MOH turned out to be a BM
YUP!!!! Different

Anthony was a twin!!!! Identical

Brittany and her tribe didn't come to play

Nigerian Traditional Wedding Planner New Jersey: #PDF #THEFENWAS

Dare and Pelumi's love story is the perfect story of sister and brother were scoping each other, nobody made a move at first but eventually sha, somebody did. Their story started in church and bloomed into a beautiful God-driven love story which was very evident not just on how beautiful their wedding day was but also in how they both looked at each other and had the most of all fun.

Their two-day events was a gloriously luxurious moment to behold. We even made it to "The Shade Room" Talk about love and attention to family and details

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Meet the Fenwas on their Traditional Wedding Day  

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Pelumi's aso ebi girls

                                                                                                Dare and the guys + a lady

Their love story is one rooted in Christ and it was a pleasure sharing these lovely moments with the couple.

From the first meeting drawing out a plan and figuring out what exactly to do to the month preceding the wedding and the weekly calls to make sure everything fits where it should be.

To the final week of the wedding, it was just a pleasure working with these lovely couple

Being a part of this #luxuriouswedding was a beautiful experience

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Yoruba Traditional Introduction, Edison, New Jersey #adeoyin22

Wsber Events presents young love.

Adeolu and Oyin started early in their love story and now it is time for the next step


Our love story is written in time 

When you get to do forever with your best friend

The Nigerian culture is so rich and healthy. 

Friday, October 8, 2021

Exclusive Wedding Planner, Destiny Boat, Hoboken, NJ- TWO IS COMPANY: LOVE ON A YACHT #newjerseyweddings

 Tamika and Damien have been friends for six years and it is time to take their story to the next level

And they decided to take their love story to the yacht

I will walk through the storms with you

                                                                                                                When I look in your eyes

Tamika and I met through her identical twin sister and being a part of their beautiful story was the highlight of my summer

Fun facts, there wedding was my first time on a yacht and it was a beautiful experience

Their love and admiration for each other was just so obvious that it was contagious. Everybody could feel it

The Wedding Party

                                                                                        The Couple and their Children

Seeing and being a part of this lovely couple second chances at happiness filled my summer with a lot more than I can put into words

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Affordable Party Planner - Graduation 2021 NJ - Two Sisters celebrating together #partyplanner #eventplanner

When Mary reached, it was to decorate the venue for her event. We got talking and I asked her if she had a planner, she answered "No" and I went ahead to ask her a few more questions about her plans for the graduations. She told me her budget and where she was in terms of planning; meanwhile, the hall was taking 50% of her budget. I told her that if she hired me, I would help her find a better place hall and she would no longer have to worry.

She automatically agreed and we kicked into action; found a better/cheaper hall in less than a week and everything else went into effect

Soft spoken and very easy to work with, the event was nothing short of blissful

Congratulations to Mary and Victoria

African American Wedding Coordinator, WLoft Venue, Brooklyn NY - #tohaveandtovirgo

Wsber Events  presents #tohaveandtovirgo Brittany and Anthony's love story was so inspiring; been together for over 10 years and finally...